Photos by Amit
Anastasia-GreekGoddess Photos-by-Amit-20150827 PhotosbyAmit-20151130 PbA-8015 Ambika-Skull-PhotosbyAmit-6710 PbA-1463 Photos-by-Amit-20150803-14 PhotosbyAmit-20160306-4

Photos by Amit is the photography section, showcasing the works and portfolio of Amit Productions.


“Capturing beauty” is what I like to call it. Enthusiastic to do what I am doing and very fortunate to be granted the ability to! I enjoy every shoot, despite spending up to 8-12hrs at times on them.

I specialise in model and people photography. Capturing their personalities as I like to consider it, and reproducing in the imagery you see.

Each project adds its own unique challenges and experiences, to which makes each one memorable in it’s own way.  Art and technology marry each other to make these wonderful reproduction of beauty, for which will stand the test of time.

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